Namita's Defense

On 6/19/2017, Namita Anil Kumar defended her thesis which is titled "Design of a portable and compact gyroscopic device for hand rehabilitation." Namita will continue her work to pursue a doctoral degree at A&M. Congratulations, Namita!

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WearRAcon 2017

In April 19-21, 2017, I attended a Wearable Robotics Workshop in Phoenix, AZ. There were many interesting talks from renown researchers including key note speakers Dr. Goldfarb and Dr. Kazerooni. Also, many companies presented their products including Hocoma, Ekso Bionics, Ottobock, Parker Hannifin, B-Temia, ReWalk Robotics, Rex Bionics.

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Dr. Goldfarb gives a talk

Dr. Goldfarb visited TAMU to give a talk in the MEEN department seminar on 3/30/17. Dr. Goldfarb is the world-renown researcher and pioneer in prosthesis and exoskeleton. We enjoyed his insightful presentations and discussion.

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Ivan, an Undergraduate Intern

Ivan Gutierrez Arias visited our group for a brief intern in Spring 2017. Ivan is a senior student from Pontificia Universidad Catolica De Chile. Ivan and Seungjun worked on experimental validation of the biomechanical model of assistive glove for stroke patients. Ivan stayed from 1/14/2017 to 3/10/2017. I will miss you Ivan.

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South Central American Society of Biomechanics

From March 31st to April 1st 2017, we attended South Central American Society of Biomechanics (SCASB) at Plano, TX. SCASB is a regional meeting before annual national ASB meeting. Students had opportunities to present their work in front of many other researchers mostly from research institutes in Texas. I was also invited to give a talk as a Key Note Speaker. Moein's research was selected for a best paper award. Congratulations!

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Namita's ARSO presentation

Namita presented at ARSO 2017 workshop at Austin on 3/8/2017. Her presentation is titled "A User-Centric Feedback Device for Powered Wheelchairs Comprising a Wearable Skin Stretch Device and a Haptic Joystick." This study was part of Han's research where Namita helped Han with the user-centric design of the wearable skin stretch device. Her presentation was very clear and well-received at the workshop. Please enjoy the video.

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Dan's Defense

On 3/7/2017, Daniel McGowan defended his thesis which is titled "Design of a Light Weight Modular Powered Transfemoral Prosthesis." Dan designed a modular, light-weight and energy-efficient prosthesis using passive spring components. The details of his thesis and presentation video cannot be shared here due to the patent issues. If these are cleared out, I will share the information here. Congratulations, Dan!

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Robotics Challenge

Last Fall semester 2016, it was my third time in a row teaching the stacked course of MEEN 408 (Introduction to Robotics) and MEEN 612 (Mechanics of Robotic Manipulator) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M. MEEN408/612 usually covered kinematics and dynamics of robotic manipulators in the first half of the semester and nonlinear control of the robot in the second half of the semester. Also, students presented class projects at the end of the semester. Based on the observation and experiences of the two past years, I had two issues. Nonlinear control part...

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End of Semester Happy Hour!

Thank you for your hard work during the semester. Han, Shawanee and Lanna left early. At the Buffalo Wild Wing on 12/14/2016

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IROS 2016

Woolim and I attended IROS 2016 in Korea last October. Woolim presented control of upslope walking of transfermoral prosthesis using spline optimization on behalf of Victor. I am also attaching pictures of some other interesting robots.

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