Yitsen was selected as a finalist for ACAP

Last Saturday, June 6, 2015, the Student Research Poster Contest at 2015 Annual Conference and Science, Engineering and Technology Seminar (SETS) was held at Houston. This conference was held by Association of Chinese American Professionals (ACAP). Yitsen was selected as a finalist for ACAP Student Research Project Contest. She also got a money prize. Congratulations!

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Research Idea Presentation and Kenneth's Birthday

During a Journal Club on 6/5/15, undergrad students at HUR Group presented their research ideas for virtual rehabilitation. We also celebrated Kenneth's Birthday.

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TAMU ENG-LIFE Workshop 2015

There was a TAMU ENG-LIFE Workshop this Friday (4/24/15) in TAMU Health Science Center. Pilwon was invited as a guest speaker. He presented a recent research on skin stretch feedback and its effect in balance rehabilitation. Han, Yitsen and Moein also presented their research in poster sessions. We received many positive comments and many researchers showed their interests in our research. Later in the day, two undergrad students, Lanna and her roommate joined the workshop. After the workshop, we had a dinner together at Blue Bakers and completed reviews of ASB abstracts. ...

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Haptics review and Yooseok's B-Day

Happy B-Day Yooseok, and thank you all for reviewing many papers today.

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Han's Presentation on Research Plan

Han is giving a talk on his research plan during weekly group meeting (Journal Club).

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Presentation at KABMS

Han presented a research on slip-related muscle synergy at Korean American Biomedical Scientist Symposium (KABMS) at Houston on 11/1 (Sat). He won a poster award. Congratulations!

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Han's 37th Birthday

Congratulations! 10/23 (Th) was Han's 37th birthday.

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Moein Passed Qualifying Exam

Moein Nazifi passed his qualifying exam. It was his 2nd trial. He spent whole summer preparing for the exam. Finally, he was rewarded for his sweat and he officially passed the exam. Now, it's your time to enter into the world of research. Congratulations!! I REALLY enjoyed the Persian food. Thanks, Moein.

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Pilwon's 35th Birthday

Congratulations!! Should recycle the candles for my 53th Birthday.

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Pictures from WCB 2014 at Boston



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