MEEN Informational for Freshmen

Last Thursday (3/31), I gave a brief talk to about 200 Engineering freshmen to introduce mechanical engineering. I started from Newton's F=ma to robot walking, prosthesis, and bio/neuromechanics. Students also enjoyed virtual arm wrestling with me. I hope that many smart, self-motivated and ambitious engineering freshmen will study mechanical engineering.

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Lab Photo Shooting

Last 3/11/2016, HUR Group had photo shooting for the official blurb. It took about 2 hours. We all enjoyed the moment for acting for the shooting. Specifically, I was inspired by Namita's answer to my question: "What is this?" "This is a steel!" Hahaha. Here are some photos for the event. Complete and fancy photos after the touch of the photographer will be coming soon. (see the link below for the final photos)

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Victor Paredes's Defense

Victor successfully defended for his master's degree last 3/6/2016. His work is on the development of control algorithm that can smoothly transition between various surfaces. I thank his hard work in HUR Group.

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HUR Group End of Semester Night Out

Last 12/17/2015, we enjoyed the "HUR Group End of Semester Night Out." Thanks for all your hard works in year 2015.

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Therapy while riding horse?

Did you know that there is a type of therapy while riding a horse? It is called hippotherapy or equine therapy. Children with cerebral palsy or veterans with PTSD can also benefit from this therapy. They can make better balance, gait performance, and become more confident. What is more interesting is that they will learn how to interact with the 1200 lb animal while riding. They will respond to the horse's movement, and the horse sometimes responds to the rider's movement. Now, what is lacking is that we don't know why it works. So, we made customized wireless sensors that can ...

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ASB 2015 and Road Trip

Hur group (Pilwon, Hyojin, Han, Moein, Kenneth, Yitsen, Dongil) attended ASB 2015 at Columbus, OH from 8/5-8/8. Since we decided to drive from College Station to Columbus, we departed one day earlier. We started 6:30 am on 8/4, had a dinner a Memphis TN and stayed a night at Nashville TN. We returned on 8/8, had a dinner at Louisville KS, and stayed a night at Little Rock AR. The conference was very useful, and we learned many interesting research idea and trends. We also enjoyed many delicious foods and beautiful scenes. Next year is Raleigh NC. We may fly, luckily. ...

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Let's Prevent Falls

I proposed a research to develop a wearable balance rehab device to prevent falls for the elderly with low income in Seoul city. My proposal was selected as the top 4 proposals out of more than 70 proposals drafted by Korean Scientists in the US. I was invited to UKC 2015 at Atlanta to present the proposal. Hopeful, it will be funded! You can check the the first 4 min out of 30 min presentation below. If you want, I have the full video.

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HUR Group BBQ Party 2015 Summer

On July 29, Wednesday, we had a group BBQ party at my apartment. It was really refreshing. We enjoyed many delicious food and pool. Thank you all HUR Group members.

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Nursing Home for What?

This Monday (6/22), we (Pilwon, Han, Yitsen, Moein, Lanna) visited several local nursing homes to recruit elderly adults for our research. When we stepped into the first nursing home, someone (I don't even remember the name) told to students that Pilwon can play the Piano. I didn't mean to play the piano at that moment. But, soon after, I told to myself that if I can entertain the nursing home so that I can recruit more participants, why not! So, I got my iPad to get some scores and played some old music. Believe me the quality of my play was not that good, partly because the Piano wa...

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Mechanical Engineers as a Mechanic?

This morning, I went to a mechanic shop for vehicle inspection. Surprisingly, I met Mark Eckstein who is currently working in my lab (HUR Group) as an undergrad researcher during this summer. Mark also took my control class (MEEN 364) in the Spring semester. Mark works in a Mechanic Shop in the morning and goes to the lab for research for the afternoon. He is very passionate for developing virtual rehabilitation system using Unity3D, Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. My personal opinion (also as a ME professor) is that mechanical engineering students need to have at least some k...

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