ASB 2016

This year, American Society of Biomechanics (ASB) was held in Raleigh, NC from 8/2-8/5. As we did last year, the whole group attended ASB. We flew from Houston to Atlanta. From Atlanta, we rented two cars and drove to the Smoky mountain at Gatlinburg, TN. Next day, after staying at a cabin one night, we visited Clingmans Dome. At the Clingmans Dome, I understood that why this mountain is called the Smoky mountain. In the afternoon, we drove to Raleigh via Charlott. The conference itself was very informative and helpful to all of us. Specifically, for about the half of the studen...

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Victor's Farewell Party

Victor finished his MS degree and left college station on 6/10/2016 (Friday). We had a farewell party after we came back from Dynamic Walking Conference. Victor was a versatile student who was very good at all of hardware, simulation, mathematics and theory in control and dynamics, specifically in bipedal walking. We will miss you.

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ROS Tutorial

Since Robot Operating System (ROS) becomes more popular and the standards in the academia and industry, I decided to have a ROS tutorial for HUR Group. Two weeks before the Fall 2016 semester starts, I gave a three-day ROS tutorial. Starting 8am till noon for 3 days, I covered ROS history, concepts, programming, topic example, interfacing with depth cameras, git, etc. I also prepared coffee in the morning. ROS version was Indigo and Ubuntu version was 14.04. I wanted to cover the integration of ROS with beaglebone black (BBB), but I had some urgent family issue in Korea and I...

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ACC 2016 at Boston

Kenneth and I attended American Control Conference (ACC) at Boston from July 6-9, 2016. Kenneth presented his work titled "Unification of Locomotion Pattern Generation and Control Lyapunov Function-Based Quadratic Programs."

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Dynamic Walking 2016

Dynamic Walking Conference 2016 was held at Camp Ohiyesa, in Holly, MI from June 4, 2016 to June 7, 2016. Victor, Kenneth and I attended the conference. We presented two works: one on push recovery mechanism by Victor and one on foot placement estimation during slipping using Capture Point method by Kenneth. This conference was very useful in terms of theoretical approach in bipedal walking. We also met many world-renown researchers. The CAMP itself was interesting and there were many entertaining activities. Obviously, camp fire was fantastic. Some p...

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Spicy Noodle Contest

After a Journal Club on Friday (4/1/2016), we had a Spicy Noodle Challenge. It is something like this from youtube. Anyway, we enjoyed the time.

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Rehab Robotics Workshop at ASU

In Fab 8-9, 2016, I attended a Rehabilitation Robotics Workshop at Arizona State University. There were many interesting talks from renown researcher. Research including exoskeleton, prosthesis, impedance estimation, synergy based control were presented. This year, it was 4th rehab robotics workshop at ASU, and will be held next year at ASU again. I don't have any pictures other than slides.

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Shawanee Patrick MS Defense, Congrats!

During the very early morning of June 16th, Shawanee Patrick presented her masters thesis defense before her committee members (Pilwon Hur - Chair, Michael Madigan, Michael Moreno, John Crisione). Her thesis was titled, "Biomechanical Analysis of Lower Limb Powered Prosthesis", in which she discussed her findings regarding powered devices in relation to current prosthetic technologies. Her presentation was a resounding success! Shawanee obtained her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University in 2012, and has now earned her M.S. in Mechanical Engineering since graduating in Au...

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MATLAB Workshop at A&M

This Monday (4/25/16), the creator of MATLAB, Dr. Cleve Moler, visited A&M campus and gave a talk on the history of MATLAB. Before his talk, four faculty members from A&M presented their research using MATLAB as a workshop for MATLAB. I also presented my research on rehabilitation using MATLAB. Dr. Molor was so nice and full of sense of humor. It was very honor to see him.

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Texas Systems Day

Last Friday (4/8/16), HUR Group visited UT Austin to attend Texas Systems Day. Texas Systems Day is an one-day event when researchers in Texas whose research interests are in Systems and Controls gather together to present their works and to find connections. Twelve people from HUR Group participated in the workshop. After the the workshop, we visited Salt Lick, one of the most famous BBQ places in Texas.

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